1st Visit

Visiting Ellis Temple Church

We are excited that you are considering visiting Ellis Temple. We know that first visits to a strange place can sometimes make you apprehensive, even intimidated at times. We want to dispel any reservations you might have before you come by informing you as much as we can, so that you can come, relax and worship Christ. We have listed some frequently asked questions below to hopefully answer everything you will want to know about your first visit to Ellis Temple.

Where can I find Ellis Temple?

Ellis Temple is easy to find. Check out the map link and get directions from everywhere. All roads lead to Yemassee.

Where do I park?

The parking lot in front is large and spacious, you will have no problems. We also have a great overflow parking place in rear of the Church.

I won't know anyone. Where will I sit?

As soon as you walk through the doors, someone will greet you and welcome you to our church. Our friendly ushers and greeters will help you with any special needs you may have and even help you find a comfortable place to sit. If you don't know anyone when you arrive, we guarantee you will before you leave! If it makes you feel better to know someone before you arrive, contact us today and meet someone over the phone, or arrange to meet us in person.

What should I wear?

As a visitor, you shouldn't worry about what you wear to our services. You are welcome to our church in whatever you feel comfortable wearing. However, if you are conscious of what you are wearing compared to others, we certainly don't want that to be a distraction for you. On Sunday morning and Sunday evening services, most of our congregation wears "Sunday Best" clothing...ties and slacks for men, dresses for women. Wednesdays are a little more casual...slacks or jeans for men, skirts for women. We are not concerned with what you wear. It's only important to us that you feel comfortable.

Hopefully, the above information answered any questions that you had. If there's something we missed, or something else you would like to know about, contact us and we will be glad to answer or discuss anything you need to know